With over 125 years experience in hair care, Wella has a proud history as an industry leader.

The Wella name is synonymous with innovative hair care and we are consistently the first to market with new technologies developed to meet the ever-changing needs of the consumer.

With some of the most recognizable brands in the industry the Wella name and logo is a guarantee of performance and quality.

Koleston Perfect sets the benchmark in permanent hair colour. With Koleston Perfect, a kaleidoscope of colours is available to you. Turn your colour deep luxuriant red, beautiful blonde or rich chocolate brown with total confidence and a shining, vibrant result. Or opt for a colour that is completely your own with ‘Inspire by Koleston Perfect’ which offers an infinite colour palette and a hair colour that is truly personal and totally unique. This new technology is exclusive to Wella.

Wella’s Trend Vision Award is about promoting excellence in the industry. In 2003 the world’s top stylists participated in the first international Trend Vision Award – and every year Wella seeks out the most creative hairdressers worldwide. The competition stirs up enthusiasm for the craft of hairdressing, while at the same time promoting the professional competence of up and coming stylists at an international level. The establishment of this prize helps to confirm Wella’s status as a winner in the race to capture the spirit of the times.


Barber, stylist and innovator, David Raccuglia, redefined men’s grooming with the launch of American Crew in 1994. It was the first company to offer a complete line of products for the largely untapped make market – products that were specifically designed to help men incorporate style into their everyday lives, and provide then with a more positive salon experience. American Crew was not only instanty adopted and loved by its target, it was immediately embraced by salon owners, who saw a genuine opportunity to increase revenues through male specific services and retail. After only 17 years, the brand is now the world leader in men’s grooming. It has over 50 products in the range including shampoos, conditioners, advanced styling products, shaving products, soaps, body care and fragrances, and is sold in over 20 countries across the globe. As its brand loyal demographic places greater emphasis on taking care of their hair and health, this highest selling professional men’s grooming range in Australia is set to continue its dominance.